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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Lunch! 2021 saw a return of face-to-face business, welcoming more than 5,500 visitors over the course of 23rd-24th September at the ExCel Centre in London! Alongside established industry leaders and upcoming brands, Zess showcased their brand new Explore Deli Filler Range - leading to some keen enquiries and strong interest in the product.

As Zess' first trade show and the official launch of our Explore range, the team were in for a busy few days. With the support of Stuart and Anna from Electrolux Professional UK, Zess offered out samples of Indian Dhansak toasties, Mexican Barbacoa quesadillas and Italian Caponata in focaccia, whilst explaining the innovative qualities of the products. (You can find out more about the Explore Range HERE). The team expressed the importance of sustainable, plant-based ingredients and the versatility of Explore - leading to positive feedback. As a world-first, there was expected intrigue, and visitors were impressed with the authentic flavours found within the products.

Rhys Richardson, the Co-Founder and Chief Food Officer at Zess, has ensured that Explore is not only delicious and nutritionally balanced with each bite, but that it delivers on convenience and versatility. Lunch! enabled us to make contact with food buyers or professional chefs looking for plant-based products to expand their menus, and the samples highlighted how easily the products could be implemented into a menu!

"It has been amazing to get the Explore range out there after such a challenging time for the hospitality industry. We have met some lovely people and it's been great to have received so much positive feedback on the range. I am immensely proud of all of the hard work the team has put in and we are looking forward to getting the products into customers hands." - Rhys Richardson

Often inundated with visitors and exhibitors alike who were keen to try the products, Stuart tackled serving up delicious and fresh samples whilst showcasing the efficiency of the Electrolux SpeeDelight. (Find out more HERE).

"Lunch! was amazing, it was awesome to see the positive reactions to the Explore range. We know people struggle with delicious, convenient and satisfying plant-based food options for lunch and we hope to make it as easy as possible for people to eat healthier. We met so many interesting people and developed some great relationships. We're looking forward to the next leg of our journey and are excited to work with foodservice partners!" - Hiren Umradia

After a very successful first trade show, Zess are looking forward to future opportunities to connect with buyers and fellow exhibitors.

If you met us at Lunch! and wish to order samples or find out more, please visit the page below or email us on :

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Absolutely loved the Zess Explore plant based fillers .. Saving the planet and meeting specific nutritional needs with beautiful food choices. #Zess4Life

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