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Co-Founder & CEO


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I started Zess as I have always struggled with healthy eating with a busy lifestyle. I have a passion for using technology to make a social impact and believe societal health, wellness and sustainability outcomes can be greatly improved through collective action and inclusive design. This is what keeps me motivated to make a difference. 


Co-Founder & Chief Food Officer


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I am a professionally trained chef and have always had a passion for food and cooking. I believe that food is the great wonder of the world. It has the ability to heal, energise, connect and inspire. It creates community, shapes culture and its language is universal. I am mainly but not completely plant-based. I am very interested in how nutrition enhances performance, functional foods and food as medicine.


Bioinformatics Engineer


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I studied Human Biology for my undergraduate, worked as a research assistant in molecular biology & genetics, and moved onto doing my Masters in Applied Bioinformatics. I have worked in Software Engineering, Clinical Research, Management, Bioinformatics, molecular biology, even COVID-19 & more. At Zess, my work focuses on all things Science and Knowledge-Graph related, where I act as the resident Scientist and knowledge engineer.


Machine Learning Engineer


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My name is Konstantinos (or Kostas for short!) and I am from Greece. I am the Machine Learning Engineer at Zess, working alongside the team to create a food app that will help people drive smarter food choices. I enjoy going on walks, listening to music and, as I am a computer geek, I enjoy any computer related activities. One of my favourite weekend activities is cooking. Sometimes if I feel adventurous enough I may try to cook new recipes!


Data Quality Analyst


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I'm a Registered Nutritionist, researcher at the University of Manchester and Data Quality Analyst at Zess. I am passionate about supporting people and changing our food environment to encourage healthier eating.

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Social Media & Content Lead


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As someone that’s really passionate about building relations through social platforms, I am super excited to be a part of the Zess team as the Social Media and Content Lead. I look forward to sharing the experiences and knowledge that I have with the Zess Creators and get started on some incredible content collaborations!

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