Personalised Meal Planning Made Easy

Zess is launching an app designed to help you make smarter food choices with the latest science. In today's world, with so many different diets and food combinations to think about, it's hard to know what’s best for you and your body. We help you plan the right meals around your preferences and needs, including food allergies and intolerances.

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“We believe that eating healthy doesn't mean you should compromise on eating delicious food.
We've found recipes from the worlds best food creators so can enjoy every bite.”

Hiren Umradia (Zess - CEO)

Healthy eating made easy

Planning healthy meals that taste good can be a real struggle. Food can often help you focus, perform better, or simply help you feel better. But many of us can't eat the foods that we want to eat because we have food allergies or intolerances. We make it super simple with our clever AI that matches you to the right food for you. Discover new dishes or long-lost favourites with Zess.

Be your best self

We're helping you keep track of your diet with our intelligent AI companion. With Zess, you can get advice on the best ways to achieve your goals - whether that's by yourself, with a group, or with the Zess community. Our approaches are designed by nutritionists and dieticians, so you can be assured that you're are in safe hands. Let’s make a lasting change together.

Plan meals together

Eating together is a fundamental and age-old human tradition, going back to the early days of our ancestors gathering around campfires. Sharing a meal with family or friends is important to the way we bond. Whether you're cooking for friends, family or coworkers, Zess is here to make meal planning simple for groups. No matter your dietary need or preference, the Zess app helps you design the perfect meal. Start planning today and create new memories with the people you love.

Why Zess?

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